Frequently asked questions

Do you teach private lessons? How many kids are typically in your classes?

No, at this time we only teach group classes. We may be able to recommend a private teacher, or you can ask your local music store for a listing of private instructors who are currently accepting students.

We typically have between 5-8 kids in a class and we add additional instructors if they are needed. For past concerts, we have combined classes for a rehearsal to create a larger ensemble for the performance, which is very fun for the kids. Pamela, our founder and main teacher has 10 years of experience teaching very large groups of students at once and always makes sure students needs are met in a group setting.

My child isn't sure which instrument they want. How should we pick?

Come to one of our instrument sampling sessions at the beginning of the school year at your school site! We have kids test out their aptitude on different instruments, listen to what they sound like. We help them pick an instrument based on the sound they like best, and which one felt most natural. 

How do you teach so many instruments at once successfully?

Pamela Miller, the main teacher, is highly skilled in multi-instrument teaching techniques. She uses a method book specifically made for band and orchestra teachers who are teaching students a variety of instruments at once. This is the way band and orchestra is taught in school, and is very normal. Pamela is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Music Conducting, and has a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and Music Performance. This is her area of expertise, so don't worry!

How do your prices compare to private lessons?

Private lessons usually range between $60-$90 for an hour. Our classes are offered in memberships of $125/month.  In addition to the lower price, students in group classes get the added benefits of learning to work as a team, learning from each other, and performing in a relaxed group environment. We offer limited financial assistance upon request as well.

Do you offer make up classes or offer refunds on missed classes?

No, we don't have the schedule flexibility. The instructor, lesson room rent and insurance are all paid for in advance based upon the TOTAL number of kids enrolled. So, when you purchase a membership you have to let go of potential missed class refunds. However, chances are that another student will miss another day, and your student will end up getting a smaller group lesson that is usually more expensive as a result, so the pricing and value of classes ends up working out in the end.

How Do I Register? Are instruments included in the price?

Register by emailing us and we will send you a registration form for your particular class. Instruments aren't included, so once you are registered, we can recommend local music stores with good instruments at competitive prices. Instrument rentals are usually around $20/month and they include insurance plans in case of an accident or lost instrument! The only exception is our Music Club Mix class. You can rent a keyboard from us, and we provide the drum pads, drum sticks and any other specialty instruments used.